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  • Body shell(carbon fiber color)king motor baja body shell cover
    Carbon Fiber Body Shell for KSRC 001, KSRC 002, KSRC 2.0. Also fits HPI baja and more! […]
  • HPI, KM Blue/Black army body cover
    HPI, KM Blue/Black army body cover for KSRC 001, KSRC 002, KSRC 2.0. Also fits HPI baja and more! […]
  • king motor baja body shell cover (Army)
    ARMY Body Shell for KSRC 001, KSRC 002, KSRC 2.0. Also fits HPI baja and more! […]
  • KM, HPI, Rovan 30.5cc baja big bore kit
    30.5cc Big Bore Kit fits c&y, Zenoeh, fuelie engines. upgrade your 29cc baja 5b buggy to 30.5cc today! […]
  • KM,HPI U tire set / rims
    KM, HPI U tire set, fits King motors KSRC 001, KSRC 002, KSRC 2.0 and also fits HPI baja 5b and more!Comes with HD Beadlocks and Black Rims Assembled - you get a whole set of 4 units […]
  • KM t1000,HPI baja 5t Desert tire set / rims
    KM T1000, HPI 5t Desert tire setComes with HD Beadlocks and Black Rims Assembled - you get a whole set of 4 units […]
  • KM, HPI, Rovan Baja 5b all terrain tire set + wheels
    KM, HPI all terrain tire set, fits King motors KSRC 001, KSRC 002, KSRC 2.0 and also fits HPI baja 5b and more! Comes with HD Beadlocks and Black Rims Assembled - you get a whole set of 4 units. […]
  • King Motor Baja Roto Start Kit
    King Motor Baja Roto Start Kit For KM 23cc, KM 29cc, KM 2.0, KM 3.0, KM t1000 […]
  • King Motor Baja 2 Speed 1/5 30.5cc Buggy
    KING MOTORS BAJA 5B 2 Speed 30.5cc with new 2.4GHZ Radio System  NEW 2 Speed Baja 5b buggy from King Motors. After a long time of development and a serious of customers feedbacks taken into consideration, the KM Baja 2 Speed is truly amazing. This Baja 5b features 2 speed gear set for maximum performance. The new 2 speed system gives this Baja a complete per […]
  • King Motor Baja KSRC 3.0 30.5cc
        King Motor Baja new giant 2WD Baja KSRC-3.0 30.5cc buggy will take Gas Powered RC Cars to a new dimension!The King Motor Baja 3.0 30.5cc is a rear wheel drive 1/5th scale off-road buggy that is nearly 32" in length! Its design is revolutionary for large scale RC Cars, following the style of classic Baja buggies with long suspension arms for great gr […]

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King Motor Baja 5b

Saturday, January 30, 2010 @ 12:01 AM
Author: admin

The Authentic Baja 5b Has The Power And Speed To Satisfy

Thursday, May 3, 2012 @ 04:05 AM
Author: admin

Baja 5b

For those who have a need for speed and control Baja 5b is available for the fun. The off-road vehicle is a 1/5 scale high-powered buggy probably fit for most people of all ages. After all, simulated car driving does not require a license for the driver.

Baja 5b 30.5cc Engine

A lot of people like the sound of the roar of a powerful 30.5cc engine. Some people like the feel of a powerful motor burning as they maneuver a car every which way down a long stretch of strip. In fact, some people who race cars for a living enjoy it to the extent that they would race a car even if they were not getting paid for it.

Having control of a Baja 5b can feed the appetite of some who like the experience of directing the action. The vehicle goes where a person wants it to go and takes them there at the speed in which they drive it. Of course, the responsibility involved in handling a high-tech apparatus like the Baja 5b is huge, also, and is probably best for those who take their fun seriously.

Baja 5b

The Baja 5b is a 1/5th scale version of race car dune buggy and has quite a lot of the parts of one, as well. The 32″ length of the Baja 5b body means that a person is operating a vehicle that is bigger and longer than many simulated off-road cars. To give someone even more of the feeling an authentic car driving experience, the Baja 5b uses real gasoline and real motor oil that helps make it get up and go.

Baja 5b style

The style and size allows a person to drive the Baja 5b in locales that some simulated vehicles would not be able to go. Some people will also like the quick feel of a car that can run for thirty minutes or more on one tankful on wheels that are high impact. The Baja 5b weight of just under 22 pounds is heavy enough for traction but light enough so that it is not a burden for most people to carry.

Enjoying the Baja 5b mainly requires that a person enjoy the feel of coasting down the road at many different speeds and enjoying experimenting with the limits that the Baja 5b may surpass. Buggy driving is something that all types of people have had the fun of jostling with for many years. The Baja 5b is designed with the enthusiast in mind and for the novice who would like to get to know the world of simulated car driving more.

Even though some may look at the Baja 5b as a toy, it is designed with a similar type of seriousness that would be put into a standard size vehicle. The shift gear is targeted for accuracy and maximum control and the radio system has a built-in fail safe. The Baja 5b car kit has pre-painted parts that help make the car stand out from all others on the road.

For so many who like to drive radio-controlled cars, the bigger the car, the better the car. The Baja 5b will probably satisfy many people in their possible quest for having a big car on the off-road. HPI has probably designed a true winner with the Baja 5b.

Read more about the baja 5b

King Motor Baja Factory

Thursday, July 28, 2011 @ 05:07 AM
Author: admin

king motor baja factory

On May 2011 we travelled to King Motors baja Factory to bring you the following pictures and to know more about the people who produce these fantastic buggies.

King motors produce a variety of products and as we know each model is different than the other. first in the production line that leads in production is the king motor ksrc 001 which features a 23cc engine, vvc/hd shocks and much more. further more KM also produces the powerful ksrc 002 that comes with alloy rollcage, failsafe, 30.5cc engine and much more. one cant help asking wheter these buggies are of same quality as of hpi therefore we had embarked into a journey to china specifically to visit king motors baja factory.

the factory is well organized and it is in building compramised of 3 stories inwhich the first floor is used to stock and warehouse completly assembled buggies, trucks and their spare parts. the 2nd floor is the production line inwhich these well known buggies are produced and viewing this production line in your own eyes is truly amazing as it gives you first glance of how king motors manages its quality control and how production is phased into stages. this floor have about 15 tables and each table have around 4 people seated on it and each group in a table is assigned a specific tasks, from putting own the lower control arms to final packaging and quality control. i can keep own talking, but like they say pictures can tell a thousand words!

King Motor Baja Production:-

king motor baja assembly lineBaja 5B Assembly line:-
king motor baja
Baja 5bking motor baja
king motor
king motor bajaking motor bajawarehousekm ksrc 2.0king motor baja

Baja 5B 2.0 Buggy

Thursday, March 24, 2011 @ 05:03 AM
Author: admin

New Baja 5B 2.0 RTR kit comes with alloy hop ups

Baja 5b 2.0

The Baja 5b 2.0 buggy from King Motors comes with a wide selection of options. Customers can choose the color of their buggies from Orange, Silver and Purple. Furthermore, customers can choose the size of the engine to be installed in their baja buggy. the 2 stroke Engine sizes vary from 23cc to 30.5cc, giving customers the ability to customize their baja 5b 2.0 buggy to their budget needs.

The Baja 5b 2.0 comes with numerous upgrades installed, including dominator style pipe or ghost style pipe, 2.4ghz radio gear and much more.

The Baja 5b 2.0 alloy hop ups that are installed as standard are made from top quality cnc aluminium, these alloy hop ups are hard to break than the traditional plastic suspension parts installed in the baja 5b 2.0. thus, it makes your baja buggy hard on rough terrains. the 2.4ghz radio gear installed with the Baja 5B 2.0 RTR kit has enhanced radio signal and superior control, it also comes with a built in fail safe system to protect your rig from unwanted run off situations.

On the other hand, the price of the km baja 5b 2.0 rtr kit is half the price of other baja 5b brands. this price will give you more room to modify your buggy as you will use the money that you saved to modify the buggy. the modification and upgrade parts and options of this Baja 5b 2.0 buggy are endless. you can install hydraulic front brake kit, led lights and much more. furthermore, you can install different gear sizes and even top it with a 2 speed gear system that will give you tremendous top end speed and torque at high rpm’s.

Order your Baja 5b 2.0 RTR Rig Today and choose your own specifications

Visit our Baja 5b 2.0 catalog today

Baja 5b: Discover What You Must Know

Thursday, March 24, 2011 @ 03:03 AM
Author: admin

Baja 5B racing nowadays is changing to new level. Not only life-size vehicles can race, but also the miniature ones. And one of the most popular miniature racers currently available is the Baja 5B RC racers. Though small in size they are big in performance. Let us take a look at its specifications and why these small racers are giving us such big excitement.

Baja 5b 30.5cc 2 speed

Having a rear wheel drive, the Baja 5B has the power to run off road. In most vehicles, having this power could get you anywhere, and there’s no doubt that this easily achieves one of the top spots in RC racing.

The Baja 5B’s specifications

Is amongst the best on any racers, and gives a great chance to win any race. Going through these rigorous requirements could really give you an edge. Able to practically fly such is the tech; the speeds that can be achieved are staggering.

Other RC racers are also changing their requirements in order to win, and with these requirements, the 5B racer’s specifications are being copied at times; but this merely flatters the product and adds to its appeal. Though copied, rivals do not pose a problem at all, since the original will always likely perform better, and it continues to make records in races across the world.

Baja 5b Speed and Performance

Another enjoyment that this power packed racer can offer is the excitement of seeing the speed even if you are not the one driving. Of course, this is a problem for competitors using other racers, as they can literally see the speed but barely believe it, putting them off their own race. It almost feels dangerous to watch, though of course you are far from any real danger.

Not being close to real danger is great of course, but just imagine having to ride a Baja 5b at these neck-breaking speeds for real. Wouldn’t it be a nice experience? If only we could ride those miniature, that would give us the best excitement for sure.

Baja 5b Excitment

Baja 5b 29cc

Excitement comes in many ways, and where there’s excitement, there’s adrenalin surges that gives us the thrill. Though one of the greatest excitements that most of us would like to experience is the thrill the speed of these racers could give us, we cannot ride on them. But having the control is a close second.

If a bit skeptical about being in control of this great speed though, perhaps you feel it might be a little dangerous, you can also watch from the sidelines enjoying the race. These speeding vehicles are just too good to ignore, and we can’t deny the fact that racing or watching the race could make our heart pump twice.

Over-all, participating in these RC racing is extremely exciting. Having your team in your pit, designing and building up an RC racing car is also one for the books. Using the Baja 5B RC racer would surely add to your excitement. Its design and power would surely keep up your adrenalin rush and give you the best chance of winning.

The Baja 5b would offer a pretty big adrenaline rush. Many race with the baja buggy. Baja 5b may be small in size, but that does not mean they are small in performance!

A Look At The King Motor RC Business Success

Sunday, August 15, 2010 @ 06:08 PM
Author: admin

king motor rc t1000King Motor RC have definitely made a name for themselves as one of the very best makers of RC parts and products around right now, and many are wondering how they earned that reputation. It’s actually pretty simple: Hard work! But in all seriousness, there’s really no big secret to smart business, in remote control cars or in any other industry for that matter. It all comes down to common sense, more or less.

King Motor RC

King Motor RC Listen to Their Customers

Too many companies think that they can make it by without actually giving a hoot what the customer thinks. Not King Motors. King Motors pays attention to what’s going on in the RC hobbyist and enthusiast world, and they adjust their products accordingly. If you ever have any ideas, complaints or suggestions, you can email King Motor RC and they might get back to you or integrate your ideas into the next model. This customer responsiveness is a great way to keep your customers happy, and keeping your customers happy is a great way to stay in business.

Of course, this doesn’t mean they implement every hare brained idea that comes their way. If someone suggests that they need to make a jet powered RC using real rocket fuel, obviously, they’re not going to produce a product that’s illegal in all fifty states! But nevertheless, they do lend an ear to their customers and try to keep enthusiasts happy, and more importantly, excited about all their new products and parts.

King Motor RC 3.0

King Motor RC Kits Work

How many times have you opened up an RC kit and found pieces missing or broken or you find that, once you put the thing together, it’s just not very good? No matter what your hobby, what floats your boat, you always have to contend with manufacturers that just plain do not care. King Motors on the other hand takes pride in their products. The idea with crummy products is that they’re cheaper to make, and when they break, you have to buy another one. But King Motor RC understands that you draw more flies with honey, so to speak, and it’s better to sell reliable products and keep customers coming back than to save a buck and scare customers away.

King Motor RC ksrc 002 orange fury

King Motor RC has Broad Customer Base

Serious RC can be an imposing, inaccessible hobby. Or, it can be little more than a toy for kids. There’s generally very little in between. Either you get some little twenty dollar piece that isn’t going to interest anyone over ten years old, or you can get expensive kits that are entirely confusing to anyone who hasn’t already been messing around with RCs for years.

Well, King Motor RC produces what you might call accessible RC cars. They produce products for every level of user, from the kids who are ready to get a little more serious about remote control, to the grownups who have been at it since they WERE little kids, to the people who haven’t messed around with RC in years but are ready to try again.

When you put all of this together, you have a company that really doesn’t have to spend much money on advertising, as they receive so much positive feedback and word of mouth press that King Motor RC products really sell themselves.

Baja RC: Getting The Best Performance Out Of Your RC Buggy

Thursday, July 15, 2010 @ 06:07 PM
Author: admin

Baja RC Buggy, Trucks

There are really two different types of Baja RC lovers. First, you’ve got the guys with a whole lot of money and not a lot of time or technical know how. They usually have a huge collection of Baja RCs, but few of them are really all that impressive. Even so, these are good guys to be buddies with as they’re always looking for someone to race them in their backyard dirt track. Second, you have the average Baja RC buff who owns one or two rigs and spends a lot of time customizing and tweaking them to perfection.

Which category you fall into depends on, well, how much money you make in a year! But in all seriousness, if you really want to get the most out of your Baja RC, here’s what you want to do.

Baja RC buggy race

Study Baja RC Science

You don’t need to have a doctorate in engineering, technology and design, but you should have a sincere passion for the sciences that go into Baja RC design and customization. If you don’t at least have an interest in this stuff, then you may as well just leave your Baja RC as it came out of the box.

Much of the research, in fact, the majority of it, has already been done for you. You don’t need to understand every single aspect of the science of electric motors and cars and so on, just enough that you’ll know what you need to improve your car’s performance. For example, bigger wheels means more traction, but they also mean more weight, so you have to know when the tradeoff is worth it.

It’s all about control and speed, and customization is about mastering these factors.
Baja RC trucks

Read Up on Baja RC

Get your hands on newsletters and magazines, bookmark some hot websites and so on. The more you know about the RC world, the tighter control you have over your RC experience. You may not have the money to be buying every new product, part and rig that comes out, but you can at least know what’s going on so that you can come up with some ideas of your own to customize your rig.

You want to subscribe to a magazine or two so that you can also know about what sort of competitions there are out there. Even if you’re just a part time Baja RC buff, there are still a few good reasons to go ahead and try your hand at the world of competitive remote control car racing with your customized Baja RC.

Try Your Hand at Competition

It’s not like there are many people who make a living solely on winning Baja RC races, but you can always land a sponsor, which will allow you to essentially practice your RC hobby at no expense to yourself. If you have a few sponsors footing the bill, you’ll be more willing to try some new parts, to try some new experiments with your RC and really customize it to its maximum potential. A sponsor does, in fact, want you to actually win a race now and then after all, so they’re typically happy to help out a little.

We’ve got the exclusive inside skinny on different types of baja rc cars now in our complete rc baja buggy guide.

Comparing The King Motor Baja KSRC-002 And HPI Baja 5b

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 @ 02:07 AM
Author: admin

King Motor BajaIf you enjoy racing your remote controlled buggy through the desert sands or up and down the dunes you most likely already are familiar with the legendary King Motor Baja or HPI Baja design. These oversized buggies come readily equipped with everything you need to enjoy that sport in. And because of their size and rugged construction they are just perfect for harsh environments like desert sands.

king motor baja buggy

But the real questions is which Baja are you going to buy? How do the HPI Baja 5b and the King Motor Baja KSRC-002 compare?

The most obvious difference is the price. The King Motor Baja KSRC-002 costs just over half of the HPI Baja 5b. Now that’s a huge difference. You could almost have a spare Buggy for your races in case something happens. But none of that matters if your Buggy can’t perform. So let’s have a look at the two models and find out what if anything sets them apart.

Let’s start with the similarities as there are more than differences. The King Motor Baja KSRC is just a little bit shorter than the Baja 5b. Both are 817 mm long with the KSRC being 5 mm shorter. For all practical purposes this difference in length doesn’t make a difference on the race track so we will ignore it.

Both Models are 1:5 scale classic Baja buggies with extremely powerful engines and rear wheel drive. While there is a significant difference in the engines we will get back to that a little later. Both come equipped with longer than normal suspension arms for superior ground clearance. This allows both designs to be used in rough environments like desert dunes or forest tracks.

king motor bajaBoth buggies are built on top of a rugged aluminum chassis, with the Baja 5b made off high-grade aircraft aluminum while the King Motor Baja KSRC is made from high-grade aluminum anodized with chrome for a custom chopper look.

The shocks for both cars are heavy duty shocks well suited for the intended use on sand dunes and off road tracks. The long suspension travel of the shocks allows for superior control on even the worst tracks.

Despite the huge price difference there are still more similarities to cover. Both models come with a high performance 8000 rpm clutch with a spring release system which allows you to rev up your rc’s engine before you engage the drive train, ensuring extreme acceleration from the starting line. This alone can potentially give you the advantage in a race.

King motor baja 2.4g type 2

King Motor Baja vs HPI Radio Gear

The radio gear in both buggies is a high quality long range FM radio set with great ease of use. One interesting difference in favor of the King Motor Baja KSRC-002 is the fact the radio gear and the servo is water resistant for use in wet environments as well as in dry. And you will find one feature of the King Motor Baja KSRC-002 coming in really handy when you are in difficult terrain with poor visibility. The King Motor Baja KSRC-002 comes with a built in fail safe to prevent long range run away problems. Nothing is worse than losing control of your rc buggy in difficult to follow terrain. Good luck trying to find your buggy once you lost sight of it.

But what really drives the buggy and makes all of the difference is the engine. It is the heart of every rc model car or buggy. And here is where the real difference between the two models become apparent. Both models are running on regular gasoline with some add-on of oil. There is no need to buy expensive Nitro compatible gasoline. The other advantage is, you can just stop at any gas station and fill up your rc buggy.

King Motor Baja

King Motor Baja engine vs HPI Baja engine

The Baja 5b comes equipped with the Fuelie 26S 26cc gasoline engine. This engine is arguably tougher and much more powerful than the typical engine you can find in remote controlled buggies. With the higher displacement you can achieve much higher low end torque and a higher actual end speeds as well. The engine is a conventional two stroke engine running on regular gasoline with engine oil mixed in.

With the more powerful engine comes a custom designed drive train that reportedly is capable of handling the dramatic power of this engine. Combine with the previously mentioned high rpm spring loaded clutch you get unprecedented acceleration for a buggy of that class. Unprecedented? Really?

Surprisingly the much cheaper King Motor Baja KSRC-002 comes with an even more powerful engine as standard. Imagine a 29cc air-cooled, recoil start engine connected to an automatic high performance 8000 rpm spring loaded clutch. The result is really unprecedented power, acceleration and end speed. If you are in this sport to win in races, you have to give this monster a try. But I am getting carried away.

Now we have almost come full circle. The only thing left to compare are the tires. We mean the tires that come standard with the buggy. The King Motor Baja KSRC-002 comes standard equipped with sand dune ready tires whereas the Baja 5b comes equipped with rugged all terrain wheels that should perform well on almost any surface. But again, if you really are into racing you most likely will equip your buggy with the right set of wheels for whatever terrain you are racing.

Now what is the conclusion? Both buggies are exceptionally well built, rugged and ready for any race you want to throw at them. While the buggies are really very comparable in terms of their construction, size, maneuverability and looks, the real difference lies in the engine. The King Motor Baja KSRC-002 comes equipped with a much larger displacement engine. Considering the low weight and the otherwise similar features the massive engine will surely result in better performance on and off the race track.

Now at almost half the price for the King Motor Baja KSRC-002 compared to the HPI Baja 5b, our vote has to go for the King Motor Baja KSRC-002. Granted with the HPI Baja 5b you are not only buying the performance of the buggy, but also the reputation and reliability of an experienced manufacturer which has been around for a long time. But King Motor Baja is not a startup either and has gained a great reputation among its followers and fellow racers. At the end, we would suggest for the best value of your money the King Motor Baja.

HPI Baja 5b, KM Baja Alloy Parts

Monday, July 12, 2010 @ 02:07 AM
Author: admin

King Motor Rc

Sunday, July 11, 2010 @ 11:07 PM
Author: admin

Remote control cars may have peaked in popularity in the 1970′s but they are fast becoming popular today. Many people are discovering that they need a hobby to get away from the daily grunge of life and are looking back toward their childhood for inspiration. Remote control cars have really come a long way since the 70′s and there are many more styles and types that you can choose from. One of the more popular cars is the King Motor Baja Remote Control Cars.

When you look at RC cars you will notice that they run off of one of three different types of power. There are electric, fuel and nitro. They are all considered about the same and all reliable. Everyone just has their own preference. There are many different sizes that you can buy. The size that you choose just depends on your taste. One is not necessarily better than the other. The King Motor Baja is 1/5 scale. This is a very popular scale to buy.

This particular model is also has a gas powered engine. It requires a 2 stroke unleaded gas/petrol 25-1 oil mixture. It also has adjustable oil filled shocks and alloy chassis. There are many options that you can choose from, though.

It is a popular thing to race remote controlled cars. Many people find a lot of enjoyment in this. There are a lot of places around where you can take them and race them with other remote control car enthusiasts.So if you are thinking about buying a remote control car then you should consider a great one like the King Motor Baja. Whichever you choose, be sure that you pick the one that you like. You won’t regret it, it is a great hobby.

What is going on in the world of King Motor Baja t1000? Many new and exciting things are happening. Improvements to the Baja trucks and buggies are completed every month to stamp out the competition. New ideas and constantly being acted on that makes King motor the top of its class in remote control motor cars.

There are more t1000′s on the market that are built by other manufacturers, but they do not compare to the craftsmanship that King motor delivers. The assembly of the trucks is done in a controlled environment under the supervision of a quality control department. Certified standards must be met before the trucks and buggies pass inspection.

Superior craftsmanship and materials of the highest quality are what King motor uses. They use the very best in building these trucks and buggies for your enjoyment. The plastic used is stronger than the kind used by competitors. This means for you that your truck will last longer and endure even on the roughest roads.

Out race and out run every other truck on the market. The speed of the Baja t1000 can not be found in similar makes and models of other manufacturers. Whether you are driving fast, making a turn, or putting on the brakes, the performance of these truck stops the competition in its tracks. It is a joy to watch in action;

These trucks can outmaneuver, out drive, and outlast any on the market that they go up against. The Desert truck tires and big bumper bars can be upgraded. The upgrades can be attached immediately upon receipt. No tools are necessary for assembling. They attach easily and work wonderfully

Control a King Motor Baja t1000 today and make the best of your remote fun. Enjoy hours of racing speed, turning sharp corners and steering straight ahead. It will be all systems go as you control the t1000. The owners of these trucks and buggies exclaim that they are a pure delight.

king motor baja buggy & truck, KM baja rc spare parts

Sunday, July 11, 2010 @ 06:07 PM
Author: admin